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Blimp Pics' methods of finding the best aerial perspective can give you the edge your looking for.



The must have tool for your listings

Its the realtors that go the extra mile for their customers that secure and sell the high end properties.

We capture many aerial images from different heights and angles to best display your customers property. It takes only one to get the potential buyer interested and on site.


Use our Service to;

  • show your commitment and secure the listing
  • stand out from the others on the MLS and sell!
  • offer a memorable gift to the seller and/or buyer.




Blimp Pics' aerial images have helped sell many properties throughout Toronto and all of Southern Ontario. We work closely with our realty customers, have a good understanding of what your looking for, what works and how to best visually display your listing.


Its the perspective that counts.


Shooting from 700 feet captures the aerial images that traditional aircraft would. Photographs taken from a few hundred feet down changes everything. Most properties show best from 300ft down, however many times it takes a vertical or straight down aerial shot from higher altitudes to really capture the entire vista.

Either way, it can all be done by us during the same shoot at the one low price.

Please give us a call to discuss how to best capture your property.

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The slide show to the right is to demonstrate the versatile aerial perspectives captured during one low altitude aerial photo shoot.