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Aerial photography for


If you've got it, flaunt it with spectacular low altitude aerial images



Show your customer you mean business.
Proudly display what you've worked so hard for.


  • Use this years event aerial images for next years promotion.
  • Let your customers see that you are not just a PO box. Your facility and stock can help with customer perception and build confidence.
  • Show off some of your projects
  • Our tourism aerial photos will let your potential visitors see what you have to offer



Blimp Pics' aerial images have helped promote many campaigns throughout Toronto and all of Southern Ontario. We work closely with our customers and have a good understanding of what your looking for and how to best photograph it.



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Its the perspective that counts. We don't skimp.


Whether its from 700ft or 20 ft, we will capture your subject from as many angles and altitudes as possible. You will typically receive many different images from multiple angles and altitudes. This allows you to us our shots in different promotions for years.


Please give us a call to discuss how to best capture your vision.