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Aerial photography for

Developers and Architects

Use Blimp Pics' method and experience to document, propose or just show of your work.



More than just pretty pictures


Our repeat customers have used our aerial photography services from the conception to completion of their many projects. From height specific views, initial proposals, progress reports, customer gifts, to marketing, Blimp Pics' clients have benefited from our low altitude aerial photography in countless ways..

Let us know the specific aerial view you have in mind and we will capture it for you. Or, if you prefer, set us free and we will photograph and deliver a wide variety of aerial images from different altitudes and angles.


The slide show to the left contains aerial photography that demonstrates precise progress views and aerial rendering backdrops.








Its the perspective that counts.


Shooting from 700 feet captures the aerial images that traditional aircraft would. Aerial photographs from a few hundred feet down changes everything. Either way, we can photograph your project with one method, from all heights, in one visit and at one low price.

Please give us a call to discuss how to best capture your project.

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